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November 27, 2018

Tune in at the 6 o'clock hour as Jeff Bangerter talks with KMAX about #GivingTuesday. A major change to the way charitable giving will affect our taxes, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

Resources to investigate charities: 

CharityWatch | Charity Navigator | Guidestar | BBB Wise Giving Alliance

November 12, 2018

Tune into Fox40 in the 8 o'clock hour as Jeff talks about a major change to the way charitable giving will affect our taxes, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  

Resources to investigate charities: 

CharityWatch | Charity Navigator | Guidestar | BBB Wise Giving Alliance


October 23, 2018

 Jeff talks with FOX40 about about ways you can trick yourself into saving.  A good chunk of people have no savings account at all. That’s dangerous territory when the next expensive car or home repair or unexpected medical bill could be right around the corner. 

 Click here for a link to the Interactive Tax Assistant tool on the IRS website. You will find answers to a variety of tax law questions.

August 23, 2018

Jeff talks with Good Day Sacramento about planning for the ultimate vacation destination: retirement! It takes time and effort to plan for a summer vacation. Are you taking the same care with your finances?

Follow these steps:

Pack Your Suitcase

Plan Your Itinerary

Protect Your Home

Prepare for the Unexpected

Get a 5-Star Review

Click here to get your free credit report

August 13, 2018

 Jeffrey Bangerter talks with ABC10 about 3 money lessons your soon-to-be scholar should know before move-in day. High school grads are ready to fly the nest, but there are a couple more classes they need before they can take flight!  

Lesson #1 - Build a Budget - Click Here for a College Budget Builder

Lesson #2 - Be Careful with Credit

Lesson #3 - Read the Loan Fine Print


July 5, 2018

Jeffrey Bangerter talks with KMAX about the four questions couples need to be asking before walking down the aisle. Before you say “I do”, get to know the financial side of your partner. 

 Q1: Are you a spender or saver? Click here for a budget worksheet

Q2: How much debt do you have? Click here for a debt worksheet

Q3: How many kids do you want? Click here to calculate your child’s costs

Q4: How will we save for retirement?

May 15, 2018

Jeffrey Bangerter talks with Good Day Sacramento about the Class of 2018 and share tips to help recent grads and their parents.  Why the Class of 2018 still has a lot to learn when it comes to financial matters! Many are relying on Mom & Dad to pay their bills, like groceries, insurance or rent. 

Track Every Dollar

Pay Down Debt

Give Yourself a Head Start

Save For Emergencies 

Click here to see how much parents’ finances can be affected by helping adult children.

April 8, 2018 

 Jeffrey Bangerter talks with KMAX about 5 tips to spring clean your financial house: Spring only comes once a year, but a deep cleaning can help your home stay organized and uncluttered all year round. The same can be said for your finances! 

 Inspect Your Budget

  1. Brush Up on Your Goals
  2. Rake in Retirement Contributions
  3. Clean Up Forms
  4. Take Out the Trash

       Click here to find out how long to keep financial documents 

March 26, 2018 at 9:45am

 Jeffrey Bangerter talks with KXTV about how to revamp your refund and make your money work for you. Buy a new gadget or pay off the credit card? Go on a sunny vacation or start an emergency fund? 62% of Americans are expecting to get a tax refund this year.

Revamp Your Refund

  1. Buy Your Financial Freedom
  2. Get Peace of Mind
  3. Upgrade Your Retirement
  4. Invest in the Future - 529 Plan Information
  5. Generate Good Karma
  6. Treat Yourself

 529 Plan Information |

March 26, 2018 at 9:15am

Jeff Bangerter talks about 5 smart money moves to consider now that it’s in effect. Tax reform is officially in place. Over the next several months, the changes could start adding up. 

 Check Your Withholding

  1. Increase Your Savings
  2. Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates
  3. Ask for a Raise
  4. Speak to a Professional 

Click here to see your new tax bracket

Click here for the IRS calculator

March 12, 2018

Jeff Bangerter talks with KMAX about March Madness. While your co-workers are busy building their brackets and cheering on their teams, you can use this time to up your financial game, the Final Four money lessons that March Madness can teach us:

  1. Set Your Goals
  2. Build Your Bracket
  3. Click here for a budget worksheet
  4. Watch Out for Busters Here

February 12, 2018

If your budget is in the red and you’re feeling blue, you better skip that fancy dinner for two! Jeff Bangerter shares with KMAX some simple ideas to show our loved ones how much we care without breaking the bank.

             DIY Date Night (save $100)

Skip Gifts (save $25-$50)

Make it a Competition (save $80)

Click here for more money-saving date ideas!

January 16, 2018

 Jeff spoke with KMAX about 5 things you should have in your holiday debt, hangover kit.

 Planner to Stay on Track

            Click here for a debt worksheet

  1. Movies for Frugal Fun
  2. Gloves to start a Snowball Effect
  3. Cell Phone to call for a Lower Interest Rate
  4. Holiday Card as a Reminder to Save for Next Year

December 11, 2017

Jeff shares with Good Day on how much you should tip in every situation. Tips to to tipping; your hairstylist to your housekeeper... your daycare provider to your dog walker... these people make our lives easier all year round! 


Click here for a general tipping guide.

Click here for a holiday tipping guide.

November 15, 2017

There’s more to do than plan your New Year’s party - the final months of the year are an important time to take a good look at your finances. Financial professional Jeff Bangerter talked with KXTV about five smart money moves to make before December 31st that will help your finances in 2018 and beyond! 

1. Prep For Tax Season

2. Reduce Your Tax Bill

3. Set Your 2018 Financial Plan

4. Convert to a Roth IRA

5. Check Your Insurance

            Click here for a life insurance calculator

November 13, 2017

Jeff Bangerter talks with KMAX about how to make the most of your donation when you’re giving back on a budget. 

The holidays put us in a giving mood, and that includes donating to charity. Last year, Americans gave a record $390 million! It’s not huge gifts from the wealthy; it’s smaller donations from individuals and families.

  1. Choose Wisely

              CharityWatch | Charity Navigator | Guidestar | BBB Wise Giving Alliance

  1. Find New Uses

              Turn Items into Cash

  1. Create a Paper Trail
  2. Put in the Hours

October 11, 2017

Jeff Bangerter talks with KMAX about better ideas for grads struggling under the weight of student loans:

1. Start Studying

            Click here to for a student loan guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

2. Don’t Miss Payments

3. Attack the Debt

4. Think Long-Term

September 12, 2017

Jeff Bangerter speaks with Good Day Sacramento (KMAX) about 4 quick ways to detox your spending and reboot your budget.

  1. Take a Fiscal Fast
  2. Note Every Nickel

Click here for a Budget Worksheet

  1. Go All Cash
  2. Purge Your Place


August 8, 2017

Jeff Bangerter speaks with Good Day Sacramento (KMAX) about 5 common money mistakes students are making. You may have passed math and science, but did you get an ‘A’ in personal finance? 

  1. Drowning in Debt
  2. Paying Penalties
  3. Spoiling Your Score

            Get your free credit report by clicking here.

  1. Falling for Fraud
  2. Tuning Out Tuition

August 9, 2017

 Jeff Bangerter talks with News 10 (KXTV) about how to save when shopping for back to school. Every kid wants to sport the latest supplies while walking the halls in style. :

 Set a Budget

            Click here for a budget worksheet

  1. Scope out the Supply List
  2. Get the Kids Involved
  3. Follow Your Favorite Stores
  4. Avoid Penalties

July 11, 2017

Tune in to watch Jeff Bangerter talk with Good Day Sacramento, on how to be careful when you book your summer fun! From fake vacation deals to bogus concert tickets, scammers are out in full force. 

Top 4 Summer Scams

  1. Summer Travel Scams
  2. Summer Job Scams
  3. Home Improvement Scams
  4. Concert Ticket Scams

If you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau click here to get started.

June 13, 2017

Jeff Bangerter explains how parents can provide an education with that first paycheck: For teenagers, a summer job is the first taste of financial freedom. But parents have a job, too: teaching those teens financial responsibility. 

1. Everyday Expenses

2. Long-Term Savings

3. Very Long-Term Savings

4. Gift of Giving

Click here for a teen budget worksheet

May 16, 2017

Jeff Bangerter explains why more of 70% of college grads have student loan debt looming, and the average balance is $37,000 and getting a tassel doesn’t have to be a financial hassle. 

Money mistakes the Class of 2017 should avoid: 

Mistake #1 - Defaulting on Your Loan

Mistake #2 - Not Having a Budget -  Click here for a budget worksheet

Mistake #3 - Ignoring Your Retirement

Mistake #4 - No Money in the Bank

May 10, 2017

Watch Jeff Bangerter on May 10th in the 6am hour - From childcare to college to cell phone bills, moms pay a steep price for their bundles of joy. And that’s one of the reasons we set aside one day every year to say thank you to Mom. This Mother’s Day, financial professional Jeff Bangerter talked with Good Day Sacramento to break down the price tag of a mother’s love!

Babies: Childcare

Children: Extracurricular Activities

Teens: Car Insurance

Students: College

Young Adults: Cell Phones

Click here for a cost of raising a child calculator

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