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October 11, 2017

Tune in on October 11th in the 7 o'clock hour as Jeff Bangerter talks with KMAX about better ideas for grads struggling under the weight of student loans:

1. Start Studying

            Click here to for a student loan guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

2. Don’t Miss Payments

3. Attack the Debt

4. Think Long-Term

 September 12, 2017

Jeff Bangerter speaks with Good Day Sacramento (KMAX) about 4 quick ways to detox your spending and reboot your budget.

  1. Take a Fiscal Fast
  2. Note Every Nickel

Click here for a Budget Worksheet

  1. Go All Cash
  2. Purge Your Place

Summer Spending from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.


August 8, 2017

Jeff Bangerter speaks with Good Day Sacramento (KMAX) about 5 common money mistakes students are making. You may have passed math and science, but did you get an ‘A’ in personal finance? 

  1. Drowning in Debt
  2. Paying Penalties
  3. Spoiling Your Score

            Get your free credit report by clicking here.

  1. Falling for Fraud
  2. Tuning Out Tuition

Calling All College Students 8-8-17 from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.

August 9, 2017

 Jeff Bangerter talks with News 10 (KXTV) about how to save when shopping for back to school. Every kid wants to sport the latest supplies while walking the halls in style. :

 Set a Budget

            Click here for a budget worksheet

  1. Scope out the Supply List
  2. Get the Kids Involved
  3. Follow Your Favorite Stores
  4. Avoid Penalties

Back to School 8-9-17 from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.

July 11, 2017

Tune in to watch Jeff Bangerter talk with Good Day Sacramento, on how to be careful when you book your summer fun! From fake vacation deals to bogus concert tickets, scammers are out in full force. 

Top 4 Summer Scams

  1. Summer Travel Scams
  2. Summer Job Scams
  3. Home Improvement Scams
  4. Concert Ticket Scams

If you need to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau click here to get started.

Summer Scams July 2017 from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.

June 13, 2017

Jeff Bangerter explains how parents can provide an education with that first paycheck: For teenagers, a summer job is the first taste of financial freedom. But parents have a job, too: teaching those teens financial responsibility. 

1. Everyday Expenses

2. Long-Term Savings

3. Very Long-Term Savings

4. Gift of Giving

Click here for a teen budget worksheet

Summer Jobs from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.

May 16, 2017

Jeff Bangerter explains why more of 70% of college grads have student loan debt looming, and the average balance is $37,000 and getting a tassel doesn’t have to be a financial hassle. 

Money mistakes the Class of 2017 should avoid: 

Mistake #1 - Defaulting on Your Loan

Mistake #2 - Not Having a Budget -  Click here for a budget worksheet

Mistake #3 - Ignoring Your Retirement

Mistake #4 - No Money in the Bank

College Grads ABC News from Jeffrey Bangerter on Vimeo.

May 10, 2017

Watch Jeff Bangerter on May 10th in the 6am hour - From childcare to college to cell phone bills, moms pay a steep price for their bundles of joy. And that’s one of the reasons we set aside one day every year to say thank you to Mom. This Mother’s Day, financial professional Jeff Bangerter talked with Good Day Sacramento to break down the price tag of a mother’s love!

Babies: Childcare

Children: Extracurricular Activities

Teens: Car Insurance

Students: College

Young Adults: Cell Phones

Click here for a cost of raising a child calculator

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